中秋在北欧 斯德哥尔摩男孩合唱团倾情演绎《茉莉花》

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Chorus: Jasmine by Stockholm Boys' Choir



China Cultural Center in Stockholm invited Stockholm Boys' Choir to perform the classic Chinese song Jasmine to jointly celebrate the joyous Mid-Autumn Festival. The  boys' beautiful voices are the best festival greetings.

斯德哥尔摩男孩合唱团由埃里克·阿尔格尔德(Erik Algård)创立于1938年,在瑞典国内外广受赞誉。2001年,合唱团被指定为欧盟合唱团和欧盟文化大使,这一称号曾被授予著名的剑桥大学国王学院合唱团和蒙特塞拉特合唱团。斯德哥尔摩男孩合唱团的监护人是当今瑞典王后希尔维亚,该团最早按英国古典合唱传统建立,如今演唱的曲目已涵盖各种音乐流派。罗兰·尼尔森(Roland Nilsson )自1968年起任艺术总监,直至2008年由卡琳·斯科伯格·安卡莫(Karin Skogberg Ankarmo)接任。

The Stockholm Boys´ Choir was founded by Erik Algård in 1938. The choir has since then been widely appreciated both nationally and internationally. In 2001, the choir was appointed Choir of the Federation and Cultural ambassador within the EU, a title previously honored the celebrated King's College Cambridge Choir and Le Choir de Montserrat. The Choir is protected by H.M. Queen Silvia. The choir has its origin in the classical English choral tradition, but its repertoire today spans over allgenres. Roland Nilsson took over as artistic leader in 1968 and led the choir for 40 years until 2008 when Karin Skogberg Ankarmo became the new artistic leader.

斯德哥尔摩男孩合唱团 1956 Stockholms Gosskor 1956

Photo: Stockholms Gosskör

Today the choir has approximately 140 members from the age of 8, divided into five choir groups and the boys even continue singing in a special choir group when their voices break, “Målbrottskören”. The concert choir, consisting of around 45 singers in the age of 10 through 37, tours regularly at home and abroad and has sung in most countries in Europe and in the U.S. several times. The choir have also been to festivals in China twice - in 2011 and in 2019. 

音乐会合唱团与卡琳·斯科伯格·安卡莫 The concert choir with Karin Skogberg Ankarmo
Photo: Barbro Kaufmann


The vocal training, which at times is very demanding, has by many been used as a platform for their professional, successful music and singing careers. The Stockholm Boys' Choir is an important nursery for the regeneration of Swedish music.

古斯塔夫·瓦萨教堂圣诞音乐会 Christmas concert in Gustaf Vasa Church with Stockholm Boys' Choir
Photo: Barbro Kaufmann / Stockholm Boys' Choir


The choir annually gives a large number of concerts in Sweden and participates in choral festivals. The Christmas concert in Gustaf Vasa Church and the spring concert at Nybrokajen 11 are held in Stockholm every year. The choir also performs in many churches and other venues, singing sacred as well as non-sacred music. 

艺术总监卡琳·斯科伯格·安卡莫 Karin Skogberg Ankarmo, Artistic Director
Photo: Maja Suslin

卡琳·斯科伯格·安卡莫,艺术总监和指挥家,1973年出生于斯德哥尔摩。毕业于斯德哥尔摩皇家音乐学院(RoyalCollege of Music),师从斯特凡·帕克曼(StefanParkman)学习合唱指挥和托瓦尔德·托伦(TorvaldTorén)学习管风琴。2001年起,她成为斯德哥尔摩国王岛教堂的管风琴手,并担任瑞典教会男孩合唱团协会主席多年。她在艾尔塔申达勒大学学院教授唱诗班教学法,并著有儿童合唱团教育类书籍《DoRe Mi 1和《Do Re Mi 2》。20087月,她接替罗兰·尼尔森成为斯德哥尔摩男孩合唱团的艺术总监。

Karin Skogberg Ankarmo, artistic leader and conductor, was born in 1973 in Stockholm and graduated from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where she studied choral conducting with Stefan Parkman and organ with Torvald Torén. Since 2001, she has been the organist of Kungsholms Church in Stockholm, and she has for some years been chairman of the Swedish Church Boys´ Choir Association. She is the author of the books “Do Re Mi 1 and 2” - educational choir material for children. In July 2008, she succeeded Roland Nilsson as the artistic leader of Stockholm Boys´ Choir.


Mid-Autumn Night Cheongsam Show


The Magnolia Cheongsam Team was founded in April 2016 with Ms. Hong Zhou as  artistic director.

Image by Xiaodixingxu

Since its establishment, this Cheongsam Team has dedicated to celebrating traditional Chinese costume culture and introducing Chinese classics into Northern Europe in an independent and original manner, while incorporating various styles of international standard dance, Latin dance, jazz dance, Chinese folk dance and the essence of today’s international fashion show into Chinese cheongsam culture.    

Photo by Houcine Ncib
The Magnolia Cheongsam Team extends imagination from the stage to the nature of Stockholm, giving cheongsam a new life. It is believed that the sparks produced by the merging of Eastern and Western cultures will bring infinite charm.

月光下的骑士岛 Full moon over Riddarholmen, Stockholm

Hans Strand/Folio/imagebank.sweden.se

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