天涯共此时——中秋节线上文化周盛大启幕 Opening of Mid-Autumn Festival Cultural Week

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Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival representing people’s wishes for a harmonious and prosperous life. Today, online event “Mid-Autumn Festival: A Moonmoment to Remember” hosted by the Bureau of International Exchange and Cooperation of China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism and jointly organized by the Network of International Culturalink Entities and China Cultural Center inStockholm is launched to celebrate the festival and present a colorful series of online shows to Swedish friends.


The event centers on inheritance of Mid-Autumn Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival culture, contemporary China and Mid-Autumn Festival and travel and leisure during the festival, displaying a variety of activities, including online exhibitions and concerts, short video display, streaming and mini training classes, etc., to reveal people's wishes for harmonious coexistence and healthy and happy life.

此次中秋节线上文化周将持续至10月5日,敬请大家关注中心官网、微信公众号、Facebook和Tik Tok。让我们跨越时空、超越国度,站在同一个星球,望向同一轮明月,讲述心中的故事。我们诚邀您一起度过一个多彩的中秋节!

"Mid-Autumn Festival: A Moonmoment to Remember" Online Cultural Week will last till October 5, building a channel that transcends time, space and national boundaries, enabling us to stand on the same planet and tell our stories under the same bright full moon. We sincerely invite you to follow our official website, Wechat official account, Facebook page and Tik Tok to enjoy a colorful Mid-Autumn Festival!



"Mid-Autumn Festival: A Moonmoment to Remember" Online Cultural Week



Virtual Exhibition: All About Mid-Autumn Festival


Mid-autumn is the harvest season, and abundant crops are nature's reward for a year’s hard work. The Mid-Autumn Festival, with its iconic full moon, embodies people's longing for family reunion. Mid-Autumn Festival is part of the annual cycle, illustrating the concept of "unity of man and nature" from ancient China, a celebration of happiness and contentment.


Guided by a fluffy moon bunny, the virtual exhibition goes through various sections including "Encountering the Mid-Autumn Festival”, “Mid-Autumn Festival Customs" and "More to learn about the Mid-Autumn Festival". Using virtual 3D immersive displays to integrate audiovisual content, games and animation, the exhibit introduces the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival, folk culture and the time-honored values of family and harmony.


Mid-Autumn Festival is originated in China, but is celebrated around the world. We share the moon, the earth and human civilization itself. We wish each other a long and happy life to share the beautiful moonlight, even though we may be miles apart.

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艺绽东方 音乐会

Variety Show: The Oriental Beauty in Blossom


The variety show The Oriental Beauty in Blossom is performed  by artists from China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe. Centered on the theme of “moon”, the stage recreates classical Chinese architecture and a mesmerizing festive atmosphere. Audiences are able to connect with the heartwarming emotions and receive the good wishes transcending time and space.

节目单 / Programme

  • 舞蹈《茉莉花开》

DanceBlossoming Jasmine

编导:周莉亚、刘翠Scenarists: Zhou Liya and Liu Cui

表演:王海田、于洋、袁嘉莹、路诗瑶 等Performers: Wang Haitian, Yu Yang, Yuan Jiaying, and Lu Shiyao et al.
在浓郁江南气息的旋律中,以灵动的精美展现中国符号,摇曳生姿、翩然而至。In the rhythm with the strong style of the Riverside towns in South China, it shows Chinese symbols with flexible exquisiteness. They are so charming and comes with lightness.

  • 舞蹈《子鼠追日》

DanceThe Rats Fight and Frolic编导:陈锐Scenarist: Chen Rui表演:赵幸龙、张峻赫、何仲达、丁太聪、肖金宇Performers: Zhao Xinglong, Zhang Junhe, He Zhongda, Ding Taicong and Xiao Jinyu
五鼠相争,嬉笑怒骂,百态众生。演透世间万象,一笑尽释前尘。Five rats compete with each other, making fun with different forms. They perform different phenomena in the world and forget the past with smiles.
  • 器乐演奏《日月筝鸣》

Instrumental music performance The Sing of the Sun and Moon by Guzheng 作曲:邓翊群Composer: Deng Yiqun编配:曲大卫Orchestrator: Qu Dawei古筝:赵洁楠Guzheng: Zhao Jienan钢琴:曲大卫Piano: Qu Dawei打击乐:陈崴Percussion music: Chen Wei 曲目以民乐的铿锵演奏传递中国古典文化中的铁血柔情。The track shows tenderness of determined people in the Chinese classical culture through the powerful performance of folk music.
  • 戏曲舞蹈《风华百代》

Opera dance Elegance of Peking Opera 编导:刘翠、李冬子、滕宇Scenarists: Liu Cui, Li Dongzi and Teng Yu男旦:孙根The male Dan: Sun Gen大武生:文畅Martial role: Wen Chang表演:龚莹、程笑园、韩旭、王紫晨 等Performers: Gong Ying, Cheng Xiaoyuan, Han Xu, and Wang Zichen et al. 戏曲传统的男旦演绎雍容,华贵,端庄,典雅,似牡丹吐蕊之繁茂,如霓裳羽衣之华美!The woman’s character(a male in female disguise) in traditional opera is elegant, luxury, dignified, and graceful. It is as luxuriant as stamens of peonies and it is as magnificent as rainbow-colored and feathered costumes!


  • 舞蹈《卯兔邀月》

Dance:The Rabbit Invites the Moon编导:刘翠Scenarist: Liu Cui表演:王晶、孙鹏、王祖鹏、何仲达Performers: Wang Jing, Sun Peng, Wang Zupeng, and He Zhongda 卯兔邀月,月上影翩跹,月下意缠绵。一花一叶一堂春,一生一世一双人。The rabbits invite the moon with the light shadow and lingering below the moon. The flower and the leaf decorate the hall in spring, we shall accompany each other through this life.
  • 魔术《欢天喜地》

Magic: Be Extremely Delighted编导:曲蕾Scenarist: Qu Lei表演:曲蕾、崔嵘崴Performers: Qu Lei and Cui Rongwei 在巧妙的变化中,将最中国的服饰、色彩与中秋的情思,串联起一幅月圆人团圆的美好图景。In the skillful changes, the costumes with the Chinese style, colors and affections of the Mid-Autumn Festival link together to create a beautiful scene of family reunion under the full moon.
  • 舞蹈《酉鸡出尘》

Dance:The Rooster Reincarnates编导:刘翠Scenarist: Liu Cui表演:孟庆旸Performer: Meng Qingyang 酉鸡傲立,风姿卓然!啼鸣于天下,唤醒东方灿烂!接引祥瑞普降,举世惊叹!The rooster stands proudly with the magical charm! It crows to arouse brilliance of the orient! It guides the arrival of auspicious sign and makes the world feel amazing!

月升Moon lifting

  • 舞蹈《把酒问青天》

Dance Raising the Wine Cup and Ask the Blue Sky 编导:何利山Scenarist: He Lishan表演:孙根、张翰、阿尔曼、王校渲 等Performers: Sun Gen, Zhang Han, Arman and Wang Xiaoxuan et al. 源自宋代词人苏轼的《水调歌头》,以水墨元素的古典舞蹈,传递举杯邀明月的情思。It comes from the Prelude to Water Melody of Su Shi, a ci poet in the Song Dynasty. With the classical dance of Chinese ink painting elements, it transfers the affection of inviting the moon with drinks.
  • 歌曲《月朦胧 鸟朦胧》

SongThe Moon & Birds in Haziness作词:琼瑶Lyricist: Qiong Yao作曲:古月Composer: Gu Yue演唱:徐晶晶Performer: Xu Jingjing 月朦胧鸟朦胧   萤火照夜空The moon & birds in hazinessGlowworms lighten the night sky.山朦胧树朦胧   秋虫在呢哝The mountains & birds in hazinessAutumn insects are whispering.花朦胧夜朦胧    晚风叩帘胧Flowers & night in hazinessNight breeze knocks at the curtain.灯朦胧人朦胧    但愿同入梦Lamps & people in hazinessIt hopes to fall asleep together.
  • 舞蹈《佳韵天香》

Dance National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance 编导:刘翠Scenarist: Liu Cui表演:孟庆旸、管洁、单羽、闫凤瑜、王一婷 等Performers: Meng Qingyang, Guan Jie, Shan Yu, Yan Fengyu and Wang Yiting et al. 全景式还原《簪花仕女图》中的仕女人物,再现一幅雍容华贵的盛唐画卷。The program restores the image of the maidens in the Portrait of a Flower-wearing Maid in a panoramic way,revealing the magnificent and luxury scenery of the flourishing Tang Dynasty.
  • 弦乐六重奏《花好月圆》

String music sextet Elixir of Love演奏:中国交响乐团Performer:  China National Symphony Orchestra
欢快轻盈的旋律表现月下花丛中轻歌曼舞的幸福场景,传递人间圆满的美好祝愿。The cheerful and light rhythm shows the happy scene of light dance in flowers below the moon, expressing the best wish of successfulness of the mortal world.

月圆Full moon

  • 打击乐与舞蹈《万马奔腾》

Percussion music and danceThe Horses Gallop in the Clouds编导:沈晨Scenarist: Shen Chen表演:曾明、陈锐、孙根、杨一鹏、崔嶸巍、肖金宇、丁太聪、庞冠宇 等Performers: Zeng Ming, Chen Rui, Sun Gen, Yang Yipeng, Cui Rongwei, Xiao Jinyu, Ding Taicong, and Pang Guanyu et al. 旭日东升,万马奔腾!马蹄激荡、马首昂扬,越过重峦,追风逐日,驰骋九霄云海!The sun rises in the east and the horses gallop! Heads held high and hooves beating against the ground, they cross the mountains, as if chasing the wind, the sun and the clouds!

出  品:中国东方演艺集团Presented by: China Oriental Performing Arts Group Co.,Ltd

演  出:中国东方歌舞团Performer: China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe

出品人:景小勇Producer: Jing Xiaoyong

总监制:高  艾Senior producer: Gao Ai

监  制:史自文、陈新华、刘鹏、何利山Supervisors: Shi Ziwen, Chen Xinhua, Liu Peng and He Lishan导  演:刘翠、刘鑫Directors: Liu Cui and Liu Xin

文学撰稿:徐珺蕊Copywriter: Xun Junrui

英文翻译:Translator(English): Wang Chengze

摄制、后期制作:中国东方演艺集团舞美中心影视组Camera crew and post-production: Film & TV Group of Stage Art Center in China Oriental Performing Arts Group

拍摄场地:东苑戏楼Site: Dongyuan Theatrical Stage

鸣  谢:龙泽五洲国际文化投资(北京)有限责任公司Acknowledgement: Longze Wuzhou International Cultural Investment (Beijing) Co., Ltd.